Introducing: NOVADEC




-- A star showing a sudden, large, increase in brightness.


-- To make something look more attractive by adding extra items or enhancements to it.


Andre van Staden had a vision, and when he saw the opportunity to create it, he didn’t miss a beat. But in his wildest dreams, he never envisioned the path that his business would take to become the company that it is today.

10 years of hard work, many kilometres of road covered seeing new clients and many paint samples delivered, he took a step back and realized what he had created. Quite possibly the most respected waterproofing, painting and roofing company in South Africa.

Similar to a nova, the business expanded exponentially, and during this time service delivery to a wide array of satisfied clients changed and brought with it a new way, a better way on how we conduct our business on a day-to-day basis.

Our company, in every shape and form has expanded, grown and increased, and as these changes took place, we realized as a team, that the name simply did not represent who we are, and what we offer to our industry, and the expectation set by so many years of expert services within the industry.

So as sudden and powerful as the birth of a nova, so sudden and powerful was the birth of NOVADEC.

Same People. Same Service. Same Quality.
New Name. New Vision. New Growth.

We’re excited about our journey forward as NOVADEC, and realize that so many people have enabled us over the years with defining ourselves, with a future that will continue to expand, and lead us on to far greater, bigger and better things. And we look forward to sharing our visions with you.

Unit 8 Lanric Park Pastorale Road, Durbanville Industrial, Durbanville


TEL : 021 976 1969

FAX : 086 771 2822

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