How Often Should You Repaint Your Office Building

An office space is more than just the structure for services and products offered, it’s an extension of your brand.

Consider the quality and condition of the properties surrounding your office building. Are you meeting the location’s standards, or are the paint cracks and washed-out colours causing your customers to flock to the competition?

Boost your brand awareness and credibility by assuring your office building is aesthetically appealing.

So, how often should you repaint your office building?

Warning Signs that an upgrade is due:

  • Cracks are forming around the windows and foundation
  • Rotten wood is visible around door frames
  • Caulk has lost flexibility and turned brittle

Weather Exposure

Sun fading is one of the main factors influencing how often you should repaint your property. If your building receives direct sunlight for most of the year, you can expect to repaint the exterior every 3-5 years, depending on the coating system. When done by professional paint contractors using high-quality products; you can expect your concrete exterior paint to last anything from five to seven years.

February 2017 - NOVADEC starts redecoration work on Cape Town's famous Colosseum building.

Paint Colour

The colour chosen by you or the property manager will also have an influence on the maintenance. Lighter hues require less maintenance and upkeep thank darker colours, especially in hotter climates.

Quality Limits Quantity Needed

If you’ve opted for lower quality paint products in the past, you will suffer the expenses in the long run. Your contractor will be able to advise on the current paint quality and will recommend high-performance coatings and products that will last much longer, which limits upkeep and maintenance.

Repainting your office building is about avoiding the repercussions of poor control. If you don’t take action and repaint your exterior when these signs show, you will be left with bigger problems such as exposed rotten wood that compromises the overall structure, draining problems because of crumbling Stucco and the increase of mold and mildew.

Contractors such as Novadec are trained in providing you with expert advice regarding the job at hand. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any painting, roofing and waterproofing queries; we’d be happy to assist.


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